Helping Others – Helps Yourself Become a Better Dental Leader

Stacey Singleton, CDA, EFDA , FAADOM

As office managers, we can get territorial over our jobs, our team, and our practice environment.

Starting the first local AADOM chapter in our state was a reality check for me. Meeting other office managers at the AADOM conferences from all over was one of the most enjoyable things I looked forward to about the annual conference.

Sitting poolside discussing the typical trials and tribulations of our jobs with people that “got it” broke down that territorial barrier. I truly believe we are in this dental industry because we love it. It is a world unto itself.

Starting the local chapter and meeting other managers from all over the state that I may not have met otherwise, has been uplifting.

Being able to have conversations about:

  • staffing issues
  • vaccination requirements
  • employment obstacles
  • A/R numbers
  • ever-changing insurance issues

… have been comforting knowing there are others out there facing the same concerns helps remind me that I am not alone.

Our chapter made it through the first year and we were successful on many levels. The bonds we have developed are immeasurable.

The text messages, emails, and gifs that get sent to brighten my day, make me laugh, or make me step back and look at something in a different light, is what it’s all about.

We let our guards down and truly seek one another’s opinions and feedback. No one gets belittled for “silly or dumb” questions. This has made all of us grow as leaders individually, as well as with our chapter tribe!

It is important to ask yourself why are you doing this job? Why this career? I’m sure you will find yourself answering that the dental field is a very rewarding industry.

Whether it be in management, hygiene, assisting, or administration, it is in our nature to help others. We gain strength by training our team to make them more educated, involved, and efficient. We gain strength from our patients by providing them with exceptional care and understanding the value of their dental care.

When these components come together, you as a manager gain a better understanding of the love for this career choice.

One of the most rewarding benefits of AADOM is understanding and accepting that whether you have been in the field for three months or thirty years, there’s always a support system.

Respecting the experience and welcoming new perspectives will make your own practice as well as your local chapter a success.

Get to know each other with some simple questions…

  • What is your favorite / least favorite part of your job?
  • What do you wish you could change?
  • What is your biggest obstacle?
  • What do you need help with?
  • What are your goals?

Take the information, actions, ideas, forms, disappointments, and suggestions you gather and help someone else in your tribe!

Respect one another’s opinions and use what you can and implement what works best for you and your office.

Every doctor wants their practice to run a certain way. Our job is to do just that-run a successful practice keeping your doctors, patients and team happy!

Meet the Author

Stacey Singleton, CDA, EFDA , FAADOM

Stacey Singleton, CDA, EFDA , FAADOM is the Practice Administrator for York County Pediatric Dentistry & Harborside Dental in Wells, Maine. She is also the Chapter President of the Southern Maine chapter… Opens in a new window to AADOM’s website… of the American Association of Dental Office Management, (AADOM)… Opens in a new window to AADOM’s website…

Stacey has been in the dental field since 1997. She is a DANB certified dental assistant and an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary. She also holds a degree in Business Administration. Stacey has been certified by the National Oral & Maxillofacial Anesthesia Board.

She is a lifetime member of AADOM, earning her fellowship designation in 2017 and has completed the requirements for her mastership, (MAADOM), and will be inducted in September. Stacey enjoys teaching dental programs at the local community college as well as volunteering within the dental and school communities.

She enjoys her family & friends, camping, hunting, fishing, photography, cooking, gardening & car shows.

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    Amy D'Souza

    Hey Stacey,
    Great post about job and the responsibilities, and what to think while in the job.

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