Stacy Singleton, CDA, EFDA, FAADOM


Stacey Singleton, MAADOM, has been in the dental field since 1997. She is a Certified and Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary in Maine & New Hampshire and holds her business administration management degree from Hesser College. She is the practice administrator for Harborside Dental and York County Pediatric Dentistry. Stacey is a lifetime member of AADOM. She received her AADOM Fellowship (FAADOM) in 2017 and her AADOM Mastership (MAADOM) designation in 2022. She has completed the requirements and will be inducted as an AADOM Diplomate (DAADOM) at the national conference in September. She is also the founding president of the Maine AADOM Chapter and a Dental Adjunct Professor at YCCC’s dental assistant program.