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Happy 2017 – Heather’s New Years Greeting

Hello AADOM World!

I spent the holidays in Turks & Caicos…

This picture is not designed to make you jealous but, as your dental friend, to provide you with a mini-vacation in your mind. Close your eyes for just a moment and smell the beach, feel the sun, hear the gentle waves. Ahhhh. Breathe. Hope that helped. And now back to reality!  My family had to practically scrape me off our lanai overlooking the ocean to get me back on the plane home, but here I am, refreshed, re-energized and ready to make it another killer year for AADOM!

I’d like to start by saying Happy New Year to one and all! New Year’s Day is by far my favorite holiday of all. Always a chance for a new start, a new beginning, a new sense of excitement.

There are many great things coming in AADOM World 2017! The first one is OUR NEW WEBSITE! It’s AWESOME! It is fresh, polished, and easy-to-navigate. These days, your website is your “storefront”. This is true for almost all business, but especially so for dental practices. When was the last time your practice revamped its website? I would recommend every 2-3 years to keep your look current. Additionally, someone (probably you), should run through all website pages at least 2x per year to make sure all information such as office hours, team bios, technology available in the practice, etc. is all up-to-date. You should also use this time to make sure all downloadable patient forms on your website are up-to-date as well. AADOM TIP: Put this task to review your website pages on your calendar now for 2 different dates in 2017. Today’s patients are extremely consumer-minded. Does your “store” (website) draw them in enough to come and shop around?

In any event, please enjoy our new website. Same AADOM channel: I hope you love it as much as we do. We will be adding to it constantly so be sure to check back. If you are looking for something specific on our site you cannot find that you are used to accessing, please drop us a line at or 732-842-9977. We are always here to help. And a special thank you to our friends at Roadside Dental Marketing for making this happen.

I hope your New Year has started off wonderfully. I wish you health, peace, love, light, and prosperity for all of 2017.


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