“It’s Fine” is Not Fine! Truths Behind Sugarcoated Communication

Honest communicaton blog by Brittany Allen, MAADOM

Being an administrative leader is not always lollipops and gumdrops. The right communication, or the wrong, can make all the difference in the world on the culture of our practices. Are you or your team telling each other everything “is fine,” when underneath all the sugarcoated layers, the decay is eating away at the joy? Honest communication is the best way to support each other and grow as a team.

“It’s fine” has become the standard response when someone asks us about a situation. We don’t even think about our response before blurting it out!  Why have we established this habit? Are we really fine? Are we trying to convince ourselves that we are?

Here are a few reasons why we default to this habitual response instead of the truth:

  • It’s an easy response that we don’t even have to think about. We must be more intentional, present, and realize our team is filled with people we love and who love us. They genuinely want to know how things are if we are having a bad day and are happy to let us get the problem off our chest. This may help us relieve stress and build trust with our team.
  • No one wants to burden another person with their problems. Everyone feels this way, but we all need help at some point. Remember, our team has most likely noticed we are not “fine” and may not know how to address it. Do not let pride stand in the way of help. Amazing teams are usually eager to know how they can help with the slightest of issues.
  • Sometimes a listening ear is all we need. If we do share, can the person help us solve the issue? Maybe, maybe not! However, our teammates can give us a unique perspective and together we can form a solution. We do not have to be the only ones to solve every small snag that comes our way. We need to trust those we are working with each day with issues and resolutions as they arise.
  • Often, you know something is wrong, but you cannot explain it. Do not be ashamed of your emotions. There may be someone else in the same boat and you can paddle through the storm together. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone. As you start to share, the truth will often unravel itself.

There is no substitute for healthy honest communication among a team.

Let’s encourage our team and ourselves to verbalize our thoughts. Instead of saying “I’m fine,” tell someone “I’m frustrated” or “I’m happy” even “I’m sad.”  We can let our teammates support us, celebrate with us, and console us when we need it. Just as “you’re welcome” has been upgraded to “my pleasure,” let’s replace “fine” with the truth. Let’s be honest with our team so we can support each other. Sweeten the communication with honesty to flourish your team and relieve unnecessary stress.




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About the Author


Brittany Allen, a lifetime member of AADOM since 2014, grew up in East Texas and earned an interior design degree and MBA from Baylor University. Brittany is the business director at Allen Family Dentistry, which has three locations. She received her FAADOM (AADOM Fellow) in 2020, her MAADOM in 2023, and serves as the president of the East Texas AADOM Chapter.  She’s been married to Brandon (AKA Dr. Allen), her college sweetheart since 2002, and they have two children, Brynn and Bridger. Brittany enjoys traveling, shopping at flea markets, playing tennis and snuggling with her three Persian cats.


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