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Improving Your Business by Improving Your Team

I wanted to join AADOM for years before actually becoming a member. My boss didn’t know what AADOM was or how it would benefit his business. I would bring him articles and emails. I showed him fliers and talked to him about membership. He politely listened and then gave me the “I’ll check it out.” One day Eric (our CareCredit Rep) popped into the office and said his company would sponsor a 1-year AADOM membership for me. I was elated! In the years I had been trying to get my boss’s permission, AADOM had grown in content, scope, and reputation. I already knew that AADOM was going to be “my tribe.”

Because of budget limitations and a pandemic, it was a couple of years before I could attend an AADOM conference. When I could go, I was blown away by the education, entertainment, and comradery the conference provided. I was so impressed by everything offered. I called my boss between each class to discuss the content. I learned so much quickly and gained confidence in my education and skills. The conference offered educational opportunities for first-year practice managers and classes for seasoned practice managers looking to improve their skills and level up their practice.

When I returned to my home office, my boss and I had a “debriefing.” After that meeting, he said, “Next year, when you go, I want you to take the other managers.” Success!!

Since then, my boss has bought each practice manager in our company an AADOM membership. He has also sponsored me to earn FAADOM status. Not only has he sponsored my education through AADOM, but also another manager from my team. This year he offered to send all our practice managers to AADOM 2023. What made my boss more supportive? He learned that investing in your team is investing in your business.

Investing in continuing education is often less expensive and provides a greater return. Not only does improving the team improve the business, but it also provides a greater sense of accomplishment for your team. Additionally, continuing education trips are great team-building opportunities. Shared education and experiences give your team a common ground. Furthermore, it proves to your team you are invested in their success. Many times that leads to your team being supported in your success!

Try sending your admin team to a management class. Send your entire clinical team to learn a new skill. Send your lab techs to pick up a new technique. Help them choose courses based on the practice’s needs and the individuals’ interests. Maybe sending your clinical team to traditional orthopedic classes isn’t a good idea if your office isn’t planning on doing traditional braces. But if your providers want to do clear aligners, send them! Invest in the success of your practice by investing in your team!

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Kari Hicks, FAADOM, is managing director of Access Dental Services, LP in Missouri, a growing company with five current locations. She has worked in dentistry for more than 15 years, beginning with on-the-job training as a chairside dental assistant. She has worked as a practice manager for more than a decade and will be inducted into the 2023 class of AADOM Masters (MAADOMs) in September.

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