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AADOM PODcast – Beyond the Red Tape: Analyzing, Renegotiating & Dropping PPOs

Kleer’s smart, seamless membership plan solution is designed to empower Office Manager success

At Kleer, we believe your success comes from your ability to make decisions about the two most important aspects of providing dental care: how your patients access and afford care and what treatments they need to stay healthy.

And that’s why we’re providing Office Managers with the ability to offer an alternative coverage option that helps to get their practice out from under the control that conventional coverage has had for entirely too long — because how you offer coverage is the foundation of your practice — and ultimately your success.

Foster a direct relationship with your patients and drive results for your practice

Increase patient visits and loyalty
With routine hygiene visits included, Kleer patients consistently book — and keep — their appointments, completing 2-3X more hygiene reappointments than other uninsured patients.

Help patients say YES! to treatment
Patients with a Kleer-powered membership plan accept 2X more treatment and generate 3X more revenue than uninsured patients.

Provide better coverage that helps uninsured patients get care
From retirees who have lost benefits to patients working in industries that don’t provide them — and everyone else in between — Kleer membership plans help uninsured patients and their families get the oral care they need.

Empower your dental practice to break free from bad PPOs
Having a Kleer-powered membership plan gives you an alternative coverage option, enabling you to drop your bad PPOs — eliminating the hassles, costs, and ever-declining reimbursements of insurance and third-party payers.

If you’re eager to learn more about disengaging from PPO participation and reclaiming control over your dental practice, we highly recommend tuning in to this podcast episode or visit to talk with one of our experts!


Tired of dental insurance hassles? We hear you! Hours wasted on paperwork, claim submissions, and frustrating phone calls for meager reimbursements. It’s time for a change. Say goodbye to the insurance chaos and hello to a simpler, hassle-free front office experience. We’ve got your back this summer with strategies to help you navigate away from PPOs. In this episode, uncover:


AADOM Radio & Kleer Present:

Dianna McHugh, Customer Success Team Leader/Kleer

Learning Objectives:

  • Lessons in PPO analysis
  • Steps to successfully disengage from participation without impacting patients or production
  • How to best support patients through the transition

More About Dianna:

Dianna leads the Kleer Success Team, an award-winning group of dedicated professionals committed to helping customers get the maximum value out of their Kleer-powered membership plan. She’s been at Kleer since day 1 and has worked with 100s of office managers to help them implement successful membership plans. She’s always worked in customer focused roles and sincerely cares about how Kleer can help impact your practices for the better!

More About Kleer:

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