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AADOM QUICKcast: The Pro’s Guide to Profitable Marketing

Video Description:

Ever wondered how elite practices ensure their marketing turns into actual profit? This is your chance to get the playbook straight from the pros.

Roadside Dental Marketing will create a marketing strategy using real-life practice numbers.

You’ll learn:

  • How to translate numbers into a profitable marketing strategy
  • Methods to find and plug revenue leaks fast
  • Techniques that’ll marry marketing with your profits
  • The step-by-step guide to crafting a system that guarantees ROI

Whether you’re a seasoned dental office manager or starting out, this will change how you view marketing. You don’t want to miss out.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Translate operational numbers into actionable marketing that maximizes profit
  • Quickly spot and fix revenue leaks, ensuring consistent cash flow
  • Use tricks to make sure your marketing always lines up with making a profit
  • Systematically design and execute a marketing strategy that guarantees ROI

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The Pro’s Guide to Profitable Marketing

In today’s competitive dental industry, the key to standing out lies in effective, ROI-driven marketing. But how do the elite practices ensure every marketing penny spent results in actual profit?

Let’s unravel the secret playbook of the pros, Roadside Dental Marketing.

The Power of Data-Driven Marketing

The difference between a profitable and draining marketing strategy often lies in the approach. While many take the traditional route of hit and trial, the top-tier practices rely on data.

Imagine knowing precisely where to allocate your marketing funds because your practice’s numbers have indicated the most profitable channels. It’s not just a fantasy; it’s the reality of data-driven marketing.

Check out Shannon’s QUICKcast on how to use your practice numbers and craft a marketing strategy.

Translating Operational Numbers into Profit-Driven Marketing

So, how can you emulate such success? Begin with understanding your practice’s operational numbers.

These aren’t just abstract figures; they’re a treasure trove of insights. Digging deep allows you to discern patterns, identify high-performing services, and predict future booking trends.

The next step is strategic allocation. Instead of spreading your budget thin across multiple channels, focus on where your numbers guide you.

It could be a specific social media platform, local advertising, or even targeted email campaigns.

Spotting and Sealing Revenue Leaks

Here’s a revelation: Your greatest revenue potential might not be from new patients, but from those already in your database.

A common oversight many dental practices make is pouring their entire budget into external ads while sitting on a gold mine of patient data.

Studies show that most dental practices have between $500K- 1.5 million of untapped revenue in their databases. How? Through inactive patients.

By nurturing and reactivating these patients, practices can reap significant rewards.

Roadside had a dental practice in North Carolina, for instance. They shifted their focus from expensive external ads to nurturing their patient database.

In 90 days, they reactivated a significant number of inactive patients, generating $599,418. This was without spending a penny on paid ads.

Crafting an ROI-Guaranteed Marketing System

While sporadic marketing campaigns might bring in sporadic results, what you need is consistency. Crafting a systematic, ROI-guaranteed marketing strategy involves a continuous loop of planning, executing, measuring, and refining.

The use of modern tracking tools, feedback systems, and periodic reviews can help maintain a marketing system that promises—and delivers—profit


For dental office managers, whether seasoned or newcomers, the world of marketing can seem vast and overwhelming.

However, the key lies not in doing more but in doing what works best.

And as we’ve seen, the secret to that lies in understanding your practice’s numbers and aligning them with effective, creative marketing strategies.

Grab Your Revenue Opportunity Report

Ready to dive deeper?

The Revenue Opportunity Report is your chance to get a tailored look into your practice’s financial potential.

By examining your practice numbers, this report provides actionable steps to:

  • Boost your revenue quickly
  • Points out areas of growth
  • Highlights any existing weak spots

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your practice’s profitability. Claim your free report today and embark on a journey towards a more affluent practice.

Learn about the presenter:

Shannon Mackey is the CEO and Cheerleader of Roadside Dental Marketing. With 20+ years of real-world experience in high-performing practices, her love of marketing drives Roadside’s solutions for successful dental practices.
She ran Rhys Spoor in office continuing education for 4 years, helped start PAC-Live with Davide Hornbrook, and enjoys education opportunities.
With infectious enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking, Shannon coaches practices to implement simple, step-by-step strategies that result in increased new patients, referrals, and rankings. Her company prides itself on being a marketing guide, not your “status quo” agency.

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