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Taking Over an Existing AADOM Chapter [What to Do]

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As a Lifetime Member of AADOM, I assumed the position of taking over our small but growing Wilmington Chapter… This text opens a new tab to the Wilmington chapter’s website… at the beginning of 2020.

I thought, “This won’t be hard; people are starting chapters all the time.”

Boy, was I in for an eye-opener.

As I began to take on the transition of assuming the responsibilities of Chapter President, I started to notice all of the small things that weren’t really visible from the outside.

What you need to know about taking over an existing AADOM Chapter

1. Getting started

First, there was the process of lining up speakers for the year.

Then there was the process of payments and working on sponsorships, not to mention all of the little things in between.

2. Serving your community

Although our Wilmington Chapter is small, we serve practices throughout several communities.

I’m personally about an hour’s drive from Wilmington and try to visit all of the offices within the area to invite them to our meeting.

So many have never heard of AADOM, so I offer to speak to the doctors to answer any questions and make them aware of this national organization.

3. Finding support

Then, there’s the need for a Board. It’s hard to find people that want to be as engaged with the program as you are. But once you do, it’s a blessing!

As you all begin the planning process, you’ll find that AADOM’s speakers and mentors are able to provide you with the information and support to help your Chapter be a successful one.

Accruing sponsors and speakers is an ongoing commitment. It’s best to start working the summer before so that everyone has time to plan their budgets and calendar accordingly. It’s best to have everyone sign a commitment letter of what it is they’re agreeing to (whether monetary or not).

4. Planning meetings

Next, it’s time to plan your meetings.

How many will you hold? Just the minimum? Will you charge a seat fee for non-members to help cover the cost of your speakers or event?

Double-check your budget and prices, as things such as airline tickets and speaker lodging expenses may change.

5. Executing meetings

On the date of your meetings, be sure to have a check-in area and hospitality table.

Be sure to include any AADOM information and collect dues as needed (have your Excel sheet on hand to know who has or hasn’t paid).

Be sure that your guests understand the difference between national and local memberships, which they must enroll in separately.

Have someone take pictures to post online and help with marketing.

Always be sure to give proper recognition to your sponsors!

Giveaways are a plus.

If CE credits are included, be sure to hand out appropriate signed certificates so that everyone has the confirmation they need for their training before you send in the final list to AADOM headquarters.

And of course, take any notes on what you can do to make the next meeting a better one.

6. Reminding yourself it’s all worth it

Taking over an established chapter can be a huge blessing, but it takes planning and preparation. Once you get through your first meeting, you’ll feel more at ease!

The thing that we all have to remember is if we put forth the effort, we’ll see amazing results.

Meet the Author

AADOM Author, Leslie Lytle FAADOM, in fall apparel with trees in the background, author of blog on career enhancement as a dental office manager.
Originally from Kentucky, Leslie is the chapter president of AADOM Wilmington, NC… This text opens a new tab to the Wilmington, NC chapter website…, and holds a bachelor’s degree in business management (Liberty University).

She loves the long-term patients in her practice who have become like family.

Leslie and her husband Joe are proud parents to Peyton Grace and five fur babies. In her free time, Leslie is a long-distance runner and has checked off two full marathons and 20 half marathons.

Her favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


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    Leslie, this is so helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience and laying out the difficulties. I’m glad you think it is still a responsibility worth taking!

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