AADOM Cares – Tribe of Compassion

L to R: AADOM Members Sandra Garrard, Liz Russell, Vickie Ward, Debbie Evans

Unbelievable.  Actually very believable.  Every day I’m humbled by the actions of our AADOM Members, the Tribe. We see the insight, ideas and support members consistently give to each other – everything from product ideas to sounding boards for HR, compliance or insurance challenges, the Tribe is there for each other.

So, it is totally believable and not at all a surprise how the AADOM Tribe has come together to support those effected by Hurricane Florence a few weeks ago.  Just days after the hurricane passed, before the flooding had even crested, our local Chapters in North Carolina reached out to our team to share how they wanted to provide support to those elsewhere in the state effected by Florence. Their hope was to collect supplies and drive them to the areas in most need.

Within hours a wish list was created on Amazon specifically for AADOM Cares donations.  With the help of social media the word spread quickly about this project and how individuals could help.  Help is exactly what they did.  Donations came from around the country, delivered to one of several dental offices in Nashville NC, Raleigh NC and Cary NC.  As the donations came in, comments like, “This has renewed my faith in humanity. There are good people in this world, even with all the bad going on around us.”, came from organizers.

In our little corner of the world at AADOM we are fortunate to see these types of selfless acts every day.  We are blessed to serve a group of professionals that, well, they simply care. Whether providing a simple answer to a management question, or a laugh to lighten a stressful day, or collecting supplies for those effected by a national disaster, our members help each other. Our members ARE AADOM.

As we approach the Holidays in the coming weeks, I ask that you continue to pray for not only those effected by Florence, but those effected by Hurricane Michael.  Entire towns have been destroyed and so many families within those towns literally have nothing left.

If you would like to continue to support the rebuilding/support efforts in North Carolina you can learn more here.  Those who may be lending support in the Florida areas effected by Michael, please reach out to the AADOM team and we will spread the word as well.

Thank you to all who are working tirelessly to help those who find themselves with nothing. Thank you to our NC Chapter members who spend countless hours collecting supplies, setting up distribution spots, praying with survivors, and just being there. There are good people in this world, it’s just that simple.

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    Brittany Massey

    So very proud! The MOST caring and passionate group of people! Great article <3

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    Susan Trumbower Crawford

    Wonderful group of people!! Taking care of people in their offices and community!!

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