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In a fast-paced world where people easily blend in, and everyone is constantly on the go, it is important to stop, slow down, and appreciate those with us daily, showing up and supporting us. In most offices, teammates spend more time with each other than their families. We grow accustomed to them showing up, doing their jobs, and getting things done. But we can’t forget to appreciate them, too! Yes, they are getting paid to show up and do their jobs; however, going above and beyond to show you appreciate their efforts goes a long way.

During the COVID shutdown, I heard chatter from other dental colleagues they hadn’t heard from their dentist or office manager in weeks or at all until it was time to reopen. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I made it a point to contact our team members during that time constantly. We had weekly ZOOM meetings to update everyone on the office changes, PPE funds received, plans for when we opened, and ensure everyone was comfortable returning. In addition, every other week, I went to each of their houses and dropped off random items just to let them know we were thinking of them, loved them, and were there with them (and not going anywhere.)

Once we reopened, I made it a point to keep the intentional appreciation ongoing. Buying lunch for staff meetings, random flowers, handwritten notes, gifts for no reason, gift cards just because we appreciate them, etc. That’s on top of remembering their birthdays and work anniversaries. Celebrate them!

We know in this high-demand business that our team members can choose to leave and go to another office, but I firmly believe that if you appreciate their efforts, they will remain loyal to you. It doesn’t always have to be gifts or money, but just taking time to listen to their concerns, personal issues, or desires to change something at the office. Listen to them, make them feel valued and appreciated, and at the end of the day, it will also benefit you and the dentist. Everyone craves appreciation, to be seen and heard in a world where they can easily disappear. Don’t lose your valuable team members. Take the time to listen to them and their hearts!

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Heather became interested in the dental industry during a mission trip. When she returned from her internship in Haiti in 2005, she completed a dental assisting training program, and her career began. Heather cross-trained herself, and in 2010 she became an office manager. Throughout her career, she has worked in both general and oral surgery clinics. She is a lifetime AADOM member and received her FAADOM in 2021. Away from work, she loves to read, travel and spend time with her dogs.

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