Catherine Maurer, MAADOM

Cathy started in her father’s practice in 1969, helping in the lab and developing x-rays the old-fashioned way. In the 55 years since, she has embraced the tremendous scientific and technological advancements in dentistry, working with her team to apply them to the benefit of the practice’s patients. As a former Dentrix trainer and salesperson, she is keenly aware of the benefits of software-driven practice management. She recently project-managed the design and build-out of a new office facility. One, which, through the passion and quality of care provided by the entire team, was just named Best Dentist of all the practices in her hometown of Lake Oswego. Cathy is currently VP of the Portland, Oregon DPLN, and a lifetime member of AADOM.
How to Make Dental Care Fun for Kids
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How to Make Dental Care Fun for Kids

Believe it or not, we’re born with all of our teeth hidden already away in our gums. Even before that first tooth emerges, it’s important to remember that healthy teeth come from healthy gums. Your baby’s first visit should happen by one year of age...