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Featured AADOM Member

Learn more about Tammy Coleman, FAADOM, AADOM’s December Featured Member

President of AADOM’s San Diego Chapter
AADOM Member Since 2006
Bernardo Center Dentistry
San Diego, CA

Q:  What type of practice do you work in?
A:  Specialized

Q: What is your title?
A:  Practice Administrator

Q:  How long have you been with this practice?
 4 years

Q:  What are some of the duties you are responsible for within your practice?
A:  I always say my main responsibility is whatever needs to be done at the time! Providing exceptional patient care is my first responsibility because without our patients we don’t have a practice. I also oversee the day to day operations of the practice.

Q:  What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?
A:  After over thirty years in the dental field I still love it. Being part of a patient dental transformation will bring me to tears. It’s amazing to watch a team member realize their full potential. I’m fortunate to be able to continue to learn and grow.

Q:  What do you see as some of the benefits of membership to AADOM?
First, that we have the AADOM team! the networking that the local chapter meetings and the national conference provide has been wonderful! Educational offerings like the webcasts and the Fellowship program are fantastic resources as well.

Q:  What other services would you like to see AADOM provide for dental office managers?
I love AADOM and all the programs they have implemented over the years to help improve my skills. I have often thought a Mentoring Program for new office managers might be a plus.

Q:  Have you ever attended an AADOM conference?

Q:  Can you tell us about your experience?
The first conference I attended was Las Vegas 2009. I looked around the ballroom and realized for the first time in my career, I was not alone. The room was full of people like me with the same struggles and passions. I have only missed one conference since then. Every year I attend the conference I leave with more knowledge and confidence to help further my career. I have built relationships that will last a life time.

Q:  Do you plan to attend AADOM19?
Yes, I’m already registered!

Q:  Are you a Fellow or are you pursuing Fellowship?
Yes! I was a 2016 Inductee!

Q:  What practice management software do you use?

Q:  What company do you order the majority of your dental supplies from?
Patterson Dental

Q:  Do you or your practice support any charitable organizations?
Our family motto is Don’t Just Take Up Space. This year we are supporting Gently Hugged they help low income mothers and babies for the first year of life and Ventures Village of San Diego they work with homeless veterans. Our San Diego Chapter of AADOM members give to Wreath Across America – they place Christmas Wreaths on fallen soldiers graves at national cemeteries across the U.S. each year.

Q:  What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?
Cooking and entertaining with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. I also love road trips with my husband and spending Friday afternoons with my grandson. A glass of good bourbon and an old movie is the perfect end to a long week!

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    Douglas Sanvictores

    Tammy is an all-around, awesone person to have as our San Diego AADOM Chapter President. She’s approachable, down to earth, a gifted & knowledgeable mentor to the office managers in San Diego county. More power to her and the SDOMA board members

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