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Implementing affordable payment plans for patients is helpful in so many ways! We understand that many patients are not able to pay for all their treatment needs upfront. For many years, we offered CareCredit as a third-party payment option. But then we realized that we needed more options for patients to attain needed treatment.

Patients coming in for routine care are often surprised when the doctor tells them they need additional treatment. Patients often ask, “Well, does my insurance cover it?” or “What will my insurance cover?” Or maybe, “Oh, I have dental insurance, isn’t that covered?”

It’s a much easier conversation to have when we are able to offer multiple financial options, including with and without interest, to meet their needs.

Now we offer a financial menu that breaks up treatment costs into a low monthly payment to fit their budget. This may include a three-month, in-office plan or third-party finance such as CareCredit, SunBit, or Proceed Finance. Often when patients see large numbers, it can be overwhelming, and they may leave without scheduling treatment.

By offering third-party financing, you will see fewer large treatment plans walking out the door. When patients feel they cannot afford something, they simply will not schedule. Offering low monthly payment options eases the patient’s mind knowing they can afford the treatment they need.

Let’s say the dentist’s treatment plan includes two crowns. Instead of just giving a treatment plan of $2,400, we show the patient our financial menu with a low payment of $67 a month. This scenario also works for cosmetic treatment that a patient otherwise might not schedule because of finances.

Being able to show them our financial menu can change that and give them the smile they want. Adding a financial menu with more payment options helps with higher treatment acceptance in our office. It’s not only an easier conversation to have with patients but also allows them to feel comfortable knowing their financial needs are met.

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Courtney Allen graduated with her degree in science in 2011. She became a dental assistant through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)This link opens a new tab to the DANB website, and she joined a family dental practice. Five years later, she realized she wanted to make a change within the dental community and had a passion for insurance, specifically working with patients to access the best dental care possible. Since then, she’s been with Surf City Dental and enjoys being able to help patients financially fit dental care into their monthly budget. Courtney has been a member of AADOM since 2018, and she received her MAADOM, Master of Dental Office Management, in 2023.

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