AADOM PODcast – How a Single Software Platform Can Make Life Easier for DOM’s, the Doctor the Staff


In this podcast, Rebecca discusses the advantages of using a single software platform for everything related to practice management. She addresses eliminating data synchronization issues, enhancing workflow across the patient or staff experience, as well as cost savings.


AADOM Radio & Curve Dental Present:

Rebecca Chapman

Learning Objectives/Discussion Points:

  • Define what a single software platform is.
  • How did having a single platform eliminate data synchronization issues for Rebecca.
  • How does a single platform enhance the patient and staff experience.
  • Curve GRO and it’s patient engagement features.
  • Advantages of having communications & patient records in one database.

More About Rebecca:

Rebecca Chapman has worked in the dental professional for over 13 years. She has over five years of experience as an office manager for both corporate and private practices. For the past six years Rebecca was a Regional Manager with a company that grew from one to nine locations. While there she formed and directed an Insurance and AR department and gained a strong understanding of dental insurance and running insurance AR reports. Rebecca joined Curve Dental in 2020 as a Product Specialist.

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