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The Magic of GNYDM and AADOM

The sun is shining, and the weather is warm, yet crisp. People are hustling along the city streets and they are busy, yet festive, because Thanksgiving has just ended and now is the start of anticipation of the holidays and all the goodness they bring. The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is going to be lit any day now. The Jacob Javits center looks glorious. It must be time for the Greater New York Dental Meeting!

The Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) has a long history in the relatively short life of AADOM. It is one of the first shows we ever attended, ever exhibited at and ultimately had the honor of presenting education at.

I recently had the joy of attending GNYDM18 and it was fabulous. AADOM sponsored two sessions at the show: Coding: The Accidental Insurance Coordinator, presented by Teresa Duncan and Dental Practice Management Round Table which I facilitated with Teresa. SO GREAT. As always.

As I told the attendees in our session, education is our mission. An educated dental office manager is empowered to do what is best for the success of their practice. While AADOM is known for bringing some of the best speakers in the dental industry to our members, I always maintain that nothing takes the place of peer-to-peer learning. No one can advise you in the same way as someone who faces the same challenges you do, day in and day out. That’s where the Practice Management Round Table comes in. In many ways, it is a version of our online AADOM Member Forum.  It was a lively discussion with attendees sharing their best practices across many topics. Here are some nuggets from the session, as shared by participants:

  • Implement a cancellation fee (less than 24 hours). Keep credit card on file to bill.
  • Phase treatment planning. Work in phases so the patient can understand the scope of their care.
  • A good transition/hand-off from hygienist to doctor is crucial for case acceptance.
  • Marketing always starts with good patient care.
  • Make sure you have a clear cell phone policy for employees in your practice. This policy should be part of the Employee Handbooks and any violations of this policy must be documented each time.
  • Call or email your patients when you when you want to highlight a new technology or procedure (i.e. whitening)
  • Try to hold some off-site events with the entire team for teambuilding. Suggestions include: bowling, pot luck, a Broadway show.
  • Use social media to promote your practice: Facebook and Google AdWords were two met with success.
  • Do account billings DAILY. This will even out your cash flow.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Be sure to de-stress when you can. Working, or thinking about work, all the time will lead to burnout. Many attendees said they exercise, meditate or volunteer to be the best they can be and to detach from work, so they can come back refreshed and recharged.

Attendees were also encouraged to share contact information, so they could follow up with one another on specific questions. I am always amazed at how giving and supportive dental office managers are to one another. This is a loving group, a tribe, who all want to see each other excel. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your magic.


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