5 Self-Care Tips for Dental Office Managers

Real-World Insights from AADOM Author Claudia LaSmith

To be amazing at your career and personal life, you have to be an overall healthy individual. In order to do that, we have to first address what is difficult for us… ourselves.

You know what I mean; there are those days I keep driving past that mental gas station even when I’m on “E.” To be amazing at anything in life, we have to know when to say stop, time out, or throw a flag on the play.

How is this possible, you ask?

My schedule is packed with obligations for about everyone but myself.

Hit reset and go do that one thing for yourself. Here are a couple of tactics that save our mental wellbeing, so that we have time to be amazing at our dental career.

5 self-care tips for dental office managers

1. Carve out “you time”

Carve time out on that phone calendar or planner that you have and schedule some “me” time.

My husband and I have a Google calendar that we share, and that’s exactly what I put on it: “ME TIME.”

I know we’re taught that it is just unthinkable to tell others no and focus on ourselves. But trust me, it is the way to shine and be amazing.

I have learned that I have to make time in my schedule to walk. Whether you like to exercise, paint, read a good book, knit, or even ride a motorcycle, then go for it.

The whole point is to choose a “you” thing to do and actually go do it.

2. Family time

Spend some much needed time with your children, spouse, family, or friends. Go laugh and have fun.

These people are crucial in your life; they help you see that you are loved and appreciated. They are what memories are made of. They are the reason you work as hard as you do.

3. Join an AADOM chapter

I hate to break it to all of you, but your poor spouse isn’t the one that should have to hear about all your office concerns.

My suggestion is to go run and join the AADOM Chapter. Here, you will find likeminded people that can share concerns and be a sounding board.

You will finally have people that say, “I understand!”

4. Attend an AADOM conference

Go to the AADOM Conference.

What? Go to a conference?!?

Yes, go to the conference! You will have an amazing time.

AADOM events are filled with education, fun, friendship, and giving back.

When you come back from the conference, your cup will be full, and you’ll have made lifelong friendships.

5. Learn to say “NO”

Last and most importantly, it is ok to say “no”!

Stop over-scheduling yourself to the point of exhaustion.

You make the best decisions when you are well-rested.

Meet the Author

Claudia LaSmith, FAADOM smilingClaudia LaSmith, FAADOM was a 2019 nominee for Practice Administrator of the Year and a recipient of AADOM’s Practice Administrator of Distinction award.

She currently serves as a board member for the AADOM Triangle Area Chapter… This text opens a new tab to the chapter’s website….

She and her husband have a beautiful daughter, Harper Dean. When she isn’t busy at her home practice of Bell Family Dentistry, Claudia enjoys walking and cooking!


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    Great advice Claudia!!! We should all take some “me” time!! I agree with you on all of our points…. love “join a chapter” and “go to an AADOM conference”!! Thank you for your insight!!!!

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