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The Contra Costa, CA Chapter Sharpens Their Leadership Skills

Contra Costa CA Chapter AADOM

Submitted by Elaina Wharton, FAADOM, Contra Costa CA Chapter President


On May 24th, the AADOM Contra Costa CA Chapter had the pleasure of having leadership coach Pina Johnson speak! She showed us how to sharpen our leadership skills, how to achieve behaviors most successful leaders possess, strategies on how to improve our relationships and how to improve our reactive tendencies! It was an honor to have Pina speak and receive such great feedback and strategies that we shared amongst the chapter on how we can be better leaders for our office and team. We not only had a great time learning new things, but also had the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Thank you to all of those that attended!

A special thank you to the Board Members that provided gifts for the raffle; it was a huge success! The Contra Costa CA Chapter is looking forward to our next meeting which will be held in July and we will focus on all things Marketing!





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