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The Ultimate Office Manager Side Hustle: eAssist Dental Billing

In the modern age of side hustles, professionals are continuously seeking innovative avenues to diversify their income streams and further their skills. For office managers and administrative professionals, there’s a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity emerging on the horizon: eAssist dental billing.

Whether you are a seasoned office manager in search of a fresh opportunity or someone eager to expand your professional repertoire, this venture is worth exploring. The hours are flexible, enabling you to keep your in-office job while making some extra money on the side. In this article, we delve into the world of eAssist dental billing, highlighting the potential for income and growth, outlining the role and responsibilities, and charting the pathway to kickstart this side hustle with eAssist Dental Solutions.

Income and Growth Potential

Most eAssist dental billers start out as office managers by day and dental billers on the side. That extra income can enable you to afford those extras – a new car, vacations, and even investments into your future. The scalability of this side hustle means that, as you hone your skills, you can handle multiple dental practices simultaneously – exponentially increasing your earning potential. Hear the experiences of eAssist dental billers in these videos!

Role and Responsibilities of an eAssist Dental Biller

  • Claim Submissions: Accurately submitting dental claims to insurance companies on behalf of the dental practice.
  • Payment Posting: Once insurance companies remit payments, you’ll be responsible for ensuring these are posted correctly in the practice’s management software.
  • Claim Follow-ups: If claims aren’t paid within a stipulated time frame, it becomes the biller’s task to follow up and resolve any issues.

Regular Reporting: Keeping the dental practice updated about their financial standings, pending claims, and any challenges faced.

The essence of this role is to ensure smooth financial operations for dental practices, allowing them to focus solely on patient care.

Pathway to Becoming an eAssist Dental Biller

Starting your journey with eAssist Dental Solutions is streamlined and well-defined. It consists of the following:

  1. Application and vetting: At eAssist, we test and verify the capabilities of every dental biller through application, testing, and vetting to confirm they meet our requirements to be considered by offices in need of a dental billing expert. You can start your application here!
  2. Onboarding: After passing the knowledge assessment, you’ll need to complete various onboarding tasks. These include things such as completing an NDA, HIPAA, and background check. Our Talent Management department will follow up with you to ensure all your onboarding tasks are completed.
  3. Begin working: Once you’ve completed onboarding and signed your user eAgreement, you will be offered a dental billing opportunity. We service over 2,000+ active dental practices and 100 more join each month. These dental practices are looking for their “perfect fit” dental billing contractor to help them collect 100% of what they are rightfully owed. Our matching algorithm and team of specialists will review your contractor application, skills and expertise and connect you with a dental practice that is seeking a dental billing expert like you. It’s like a match-making service for dental billing contractors… without any awkward blind dates!

In Conclusion

eAssist dental billing presents a unique opportunity for those keen on expanding their professional horizons, while enjoying a boost in their income. The best part is that you can still keep your in-office job (if you want)! As you chart your career path, this side hustle might just be the game-changer you’re searching for. Learn more at dentalbillingjobs.com.


Looking to make some extra cash? eAssist dental billing might just be the gig for you! Whether you’re a seasoned office manager looking for a fresh opportunity or simply curious about innovative ways to expand your professional portfolio, this episode promises valuable takeaways. You’ll learn about the flexible opportunities available through eAssist, the training required, and the potential for income and growth. Penny will also share experiences from eAssist Success Consultants, lessons learned, and tips for those eager to venture into this niche. So, grab your notepads and tune in – it’s time to explore the world of eAssist dental billing with Penny Reed!


AADOM Radio & eAssist Dental Solutions Present:

Penny Reed

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this podcast, listeners will be able to…

  • Evaluate the potential for income and growth as an eAssist dental biller: Through real-life anecdotes and expert insights from Penny Reed, you will learn the financial prospects and career growth potential this side hustle offers.
  • Know the role and responsibilities of an eAssist dental biller: You’ll learn the day-to-day tasks and overarching responsibilities associated with being an eAssist dental biller, understanding the value this role brings to dental practices.
  • Recognize the pathway to becoming an eAssist dental biller: You will learn the necessary steps, from beginner to expert, to start your side hustle with eAssist Dental Solutions.

More About Penny:

Penny Reed is the Chief Growth Officer at eAssist Dental Solutions, and the author of the book, Growing Your Dental Business. Penny was recruited by her own dentist to run his growing practice, after spending two years as an IT manager with the Walmart Corporation.

Penny has over 30 years of experience as a speaker and dental business coach and has been designated a Leader in Dental Consulting by Dentistry Today from 2007 to present. She is a certified “Behavioral Consultant” through the Institute for Motivational Living, and a former Dale Carnegie Trainer.

Penny is the executive team support for the marketing department at eAssist, the nation’s leader in outsourced dental billing. She speaks at dental meetings about team coachability, effective revenue cycle management, and practice growth.

Penny is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, The Speaking and Consulting Network, and a Speaking/Consulting member of the American Association of Dental Office Management.

More About eAssist Dental Solutions:

Is dental insurance giving you a headache? You need an assist from eAssist! eAssist is the industry-leading outsourced dental billing company. With the largest network of dental billing specialists, we offer state-of-the-art, secure claims processing services. Learn more at www.dentalbilling.com.

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