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What Big Change Happened to Tina After Last Year’s Conference?

Calendar of December 2020

It was at our 2019 AADOM Annual Conference last September when I got the call from my husband saying that he had been offered a job in Tennessee.

When I returned from the conference, he packed the camper and moved to Tennessee while I stayed in Illinois with our four dogs and prepared the house to be sold.

Yes, I managed to pack up what would eventually be 10 truck and trailer loads and three storage units full of our things.

Four months later we were together in our Tennessee home.

How our year of change helped us

We had a lot of “did we do the right thing” moments along with many tears.

We left our family and friends to start a new life for ourselves. Mark and I have never really done something just for ourselves.

I can say easily, we haven’t had any regrets.

We’ve enjoyed having lots of visitors and phone calls, and have realized in some ways the move brought us closer to our families.

It’s always easy and safe to stay in the day-to-day routine rather than embrace change in your life.

Change is good and once you get over the bumps and bruises the rewards are priceless.

We love our new home and have enjoyed all of our visitors including our new grandbaby, our children, parents, siblings, and friends.

My advice to you

I know this year has been a challenge for everyone. We’ve suffered loss, illness, big changes, etc., but we have come out of it stronger.

The one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that:

Life is short, so live and enjoy it.

Take that trip, buy the car, live where you like to vacation, and always eat the cake!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you get to spend it with family and friends in any way that you can.

Tina Webster, Membership Services Representative

Tina and Mark Webster with a scenic background

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