Finding My Passion Through Continuing Education (Special Offer Inside)

Continuing education (CE) and passion are not two words often found in the same sentence. However, for me, CE opportunities led to a career that I hadn’t imagined for myself yet brings me joy and job satisfaction every day.

When I started in the dental profession, I was a dental assistant, then receptionist, then manager —and I was content. I loved helping patients and assisting my doctor in his practice. One day, he encouraged me to take some continuing education courses. I looked around and found a course that piqued my interest. One course led to another, and here I am years later, a businesswoman, author, and, most importantly, a passionate advocate for dental teams and their education. I found my calling–helping other administrators improve their skills.

Being a dental administrator is not easy, and that’s why I focus my efforts on their needs as they journey through their careers. Today’s administrative team members have so many tasks to track, such as scheduling, collections, insurance, reputation management, and many others. We often forget to refocus on team communication and dynamics because of our busy schedules. This is where I find CE is particularly helpful and critical.

Instead of searching all over for continuing educational courses, I often recommend ADA CE Online… This text opens a new tab to the CE page… to the people I mentor. I love that there are clinical classes that can help the administrative team with their tasks, such as scheduling and dealing with insurance claims. The insurance participation classes are so helpful for offices that don’t know how to even begin with their system. Coding is a very time-consuming part of any insurance system, so being able to use CDT codes accurately and efficiently helps any office stay on track when it comes to billing.

ADA CE Online courses… This text opens a new tab to the CE page… are a good reminder to take a step back and focus on your team relationships, work dynamics, and your own career path. The course library is conveniently open 24/7, so dental admins can take a course whenever and wherever they like—perfect for dental administrators who have enough on their plates!

I often wonder where I would be if my doctor had not supported my educational improvement efforts. I may have been perfectly happy managing alongside my doctor, but because of continuing education, I have discovered a career that not only provides a sense of fulfillment but helps me encourage others to find their own purpose in our industry.

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ADA CE Online is always adding new content to meet the needs of dental professionals today and in the future. With more than 20 NEW courses designed especially for dental team members—from those at the front desk to those who work chairside—ADA CE Online can help you fulfill your career goals.

About the Author

Teresa Duncan, MSWith over 20 years of healthcare experience, Teresa Duncan… This text opens a new tab to the Odyssey Management website… addresses topics such as insurance coding, office manager training, and patient conversations.

Her memberships include the National Speakers Association and the National Association of Dental Plans.

She has been named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry and is the author of Moving Your Patients to Yes: Easy Insurance Conversations… This text opens a new tab to the book on Amazon…, as well as a contributing author to the ADA’s annual CDT Companion Guide™.

Her podcasts, Nobody Told Me That!… This text opens a new tab to the podcast… and Chew On This!… This text opens a new tab to the podcast…, provide regular coding and management updates.

Teresa received her master’s degree in healthcare management.

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