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From someone who has a lifetime of experience feeling like you don’t belong—from the cliques in high school to holding a title in their professional office and not feeling like “part of the team”—hear me when I say this: AADOM is where I belong. If you understand any of those struggles, the support you’ll find in AADOM is where you’ll want to find yourself, too.

Holding a title in a dental practice gives us a different position within the office, making it easy to feel like we don’t belong. We’re not quite part of the team, and that’s okay. Having an amazing group of AADOM professionals who are completely understanding gives you a renewed outlook, knowing you’re not alone. You’ll find people who have been in the same situations or hit the same bumps in the road and are more than happy to share their experiences. This support helps you learn to be the go-to person for your dentist and your team.

In 2022, I was lucky enough to attend the annual conference where the first “Leave The Ladder Down” award was given. There’s a genuine desire in the hearts of AADOM members to see you succeed, to be the ones to cheer you on for your biggest victories or the smallest accomplishments in your day, to mentor, and maybe, if we’re fortunate, be a lifelong friend. Hearing the speech and knowing every word was from the heart to feel the love shown to the recipient (shout out to Jane Walkley, DAADOM) was genuinely overwhelming. I remember thinking how lucky I am to be in the presence of such fantastic people.

I’m proud to say I was inducted as FAADOM that year. Walking through the aisle of people applauding the accomplishment made my heart swell. I think feeling the buzz in the air at that moment was when I realized this was where I was meant to be.

Being a part of AADOM means you’re supported with no judgment. We’ll all forever be learning and growing. The grace shown to each other with that understanding seems to come naturally. One of my favorite things is that there’s no competition here. We’re all in this together. If you’re searching for a reason to join AADOM, this is it. It’s the genuine, awe-inspiring support you receive from these people, these strangers, who are suddenly “your tribe.” AADOM is a game-changer not only for the growth we’re all looking for on the inside but for the growth of your practice. I’m so thankful I’ve found my people and would encourage anyone, no matter how long you’ve been in the dental profession, to reach out to an AADOM member. You’ll also feel the love and want to be a part of it.

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Brooke Paul, FAADOM, is the practice coordinator at Beaver Creek Dental in Knoxville, TN. She has been an AADOM member since 2019 and became a lifetime member in 2022. Brooke received her Fellowship (FAADOM) designation in 2022 and will be inducted into the 2023 class of AADOM Masters (MAADOMs) in September.

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