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Top Dental Management Education in AADOM’s eCampus

Popular presentations for dental managers in AADOM's eCampus

Level up your dental management knowledge with AADOM’s eCampus Education Hub.  Showcasing a curated selection of popular presentations for dental managers and invaluable gems that promise to revolutionize your dental practice. From essential dental terminology to navigating insurance intricacies and mastering leadership skills, each course is crafted to empower dental professionals at every career stage.


Popular Presentation:
Dental Terminology Educational Module, Presented by Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM

Dental Terminology for new dental managers

Time: 1.15 hours

CE: 1 CE towards AADOM Distinction

Master the essentials of dental and medical terminology crucial for effective practice communication and documentation. Gain the skills to confidently identify oral cavity landmarks and seamlessly integrate these terms into treatment discussions and documentation. Enhance your dental knowledge and communication prowess by investing in this invaluable module today.

Gem to Explore:
High-Performance Scheduling (OM101.2b), Presented by Sandy Baird, MBA

High-Performance Scheduling (OM101.2b), Presented by Sandy Baird, MBA

Time: 50 minutes

CE:  1 CE towards AADOM Distinctions and ADA/PACE approved

Transform your team’s dynamics from frantic to joyful with the power of a well-designed schedule. Discover the secrets to staying on time and maximizing efficiency through a structured day. Dive into this session to master the art of building and maintaining your ideal schedule for a seamless and productive workflow.


Popular Presentation:
What You Need to Know About the Insurance Aging Report, Presented by Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM

Time: 17 minutes

CE: Not eligible

Streamline your insurance process and reduce time spent on outstanding claims with valuable pointers shared in this short video. Enhance your practice efficiency by closing the loop on insurance, ensuring you stay informed and proactive.


Gem to Explore:
Medicare Advantage Plans – Taking the Care of Seniors to a Whole New Level, Presented by Colleen Huff, FAADOMMedicare Advantage Plans - Taking the Care of Seniors to a Whole New Level

Time: 48 minutes

CE:  1 CE towards AADOM Distinction

Navigate the ever-changing landscape of Medicare Advantage plans with our seminar. With one in seven U.S. citizens over 65, understanding these plans is crucial for your dental practice. Learn about plan types, their significance, and gain insights on how to effectively organize and anticipate changes. Empower your practice to make informed decisions and guide patients toward plans that align with your preferences.



Popular Presentation:
Taking the Fear Out of Presenting Treatment, Presented by Dana WatsonTaking the Fear Out of Presenting Treatment

Time: 2 hours

CE: 2 CE towards AADOM Distinctions

Overcome the challenges of presenting treatment to patients with confidence and success. This course addresses the fears associated with financial conversations and the lack of training in ‘selling’ treatment, ensuring attendees are fully prepared and comfortable. Unlock the secrets to achieving a high degree of case acceptance, validate patient treatment decisions, and discover techniques for effective financial conversations and body language to enhance treatment acceptance and boost practice profitability


Gem to Explore:
Hiring Rockstars, Presented by Laura Nelson

Hiring Dental Rockstars

Time: 1 hour

CE:  1 CE towards AADOM Distinctions

Explore the transformative impact of positive attitude and leadership in the workplace through this gem of a course! Uncover invaluable insights on actively shaping a culture that not only attracts but also nurtures top-tier talent. From laying the foundation for an enviable team culture to mastering the skills for strategic hiring and seamlessly adapting to change within your dental practice, these courses empower you to create a dynamic and thriving work environment.



Popular Presentation:
On-Demand HIPAA Training by CEDR HR SolutionsOn-Demand HIPAA Training by CEDR HR Solutions

Time:  Basic – 50 minutes.  Advanced: 1.5 hours

CE: 3CE towards AADOM Distinction

Embark on a crucial step in your compliance journey, AADOM members, with the complimentary on-demand HIPAA training provided by CEDR. CEDR’s program ensures year-round HIPAA compliance without the need to shut down your office for training. From convenient employee onboarding to specialized tracks for designated Privacy and Security Officers, the training features in-depth videos, quizzes, and a Certificate of Completion, culminating in a ‘HIPAA Compliant’ badge for your office website, showcasing your commitment to up-to-date training.


Gem to Explore:
Most Common HIPAA, OSHA and Infection Control Violations, Presented by: Karson L. Carpenter, DDS Most Common HIPAA, OSHA and Infection Control Violations

Time: 52 minutes

CE: 1 CE towards AADOM Distinction

Explore AADOM’s LIVEcast highlighting key OSHA, HIPAA, and Infection Control violations and practical solutions. Learn to conduct compliance reviews, develop effective programs, and react to inspections, all while reducing liability for your dental facility.


These standout gems shine brightly among the diverse offerings as part of an AADOM membership. Whether you’re deciphering dental terminology, optimizing insurance processes, or refining leadership capabilities, each course is a strategic investment in your professional growth. Propel your practice forward, stay ahead of industry trends, and unlock your full potential by immersing yourself in these valuable resources on AADOM’s eCampus Education Hub today.



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