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Schooley Mitchell

Are Your Business Expenses Fully Optimized?

On average, we help our clients save 28% on their medical waste, merchant processing, telecom, and small package shipping costs.

How can you keep expenses low when prices are on the rise?

Even in challenging economic conditions, there are strategies businesses can take to maximize profitability. We ensure our clients are getting the best business services at the best price – all while identifying billing errors, eliminating redundancies, and improving efficiency.

The best part: working with us is 100% risk-free. Any potential fees will be self-funded from the savings you will have already enjoyed!

So, what’s really in it for you?
  • Time: We take over the responsibility of monitoring your service provider expenses so you can spend your time doing what you do best: managing the business.
  • Security: Our on-going audit and compliance relationship gives you the peace of mind that your cost structure will always remain optimized.
  • Money: As someone responsible for the P&L, you can easily highlight how much money you are saving the business every month.
Schooley Mitchell - Official AADOM Corporate Member

So, who is Schooley Mitchell?

  • We are the largest independent cost consulting organization in North America
  • We have 325+ professional consultants helping our clients make the best business service decisions
  • We have generated over $540 million in documented savings for our 26,000+ clients
  • We become your business cost watchdog, and the single point of contact for all service-related issues

How Can You Get Started?

Step 1

A signed service agreement and letter of authorization lets us get the information we need from potential service providers. We also ask for current invoices or online access to benchmark your current spend in the requested cost categories.

Step 2

We then go off and dig into the details and prepare our analysis. We may need to hold a short call during this time frame to ensure we have everything we need and inform you of our progress to date.

Step 3

We then share our findings via our customized Value Report and only implement the recommendations that you specifically approve. Following implementation, we become your single point of contact for your optimized service providers going forward.

Your total time commitment is under 90 minutes for what could be a significant cost reduction and a long-term time savings!

Special Offer for AADOM Members

Let us buy you lunch during a 30-minute introductory call.

We will send you a $25 DoorDash Gift Card after our initial conversation – regardless of whether you decide to move forward with the analysis or not!

(Offer limited to the first 50 members)